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i love looking at bright photos, makeup shopping, and watching lots of television. learning to love myself and those around me, one day at a time.
currently watching: witches of east end, sons of anarchy, ghost adventures, bob's burgers


When you finally got those receipts you’ve been waiting on


bobtailbobby ronest

in 10 days it’ll be a year since i tried to kill myself cute ok bye

ok hi #selfie #shouldbesleeping @duckymcwatters

Artist  Unknown    Title  Unknownlittle gray cat theme song    Album  Unknown
Q: a robot who is constantly demanding that their human roommate help them with captchas.


what if they feel like they are lying by entering them themselves because it always says something like “prove you aren’t a robot”

so robot friend comes and tugs on your sleeve like “please come enter this for me i do not want to lie to the computer it is only doing its job”